Venita Durice

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Venita Durice is from Buffalo, N.Y., and was raised by a single mother. She is the second oldest of four children. She earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology focusing on assisting individuals with various disabilities. She was able to hold positions for the past 25 years in areas such as: Rehabilitation Counselor, Career and Employment Counselor, Case Management, Residential Manager and she is currently Director of a Culinary School. Her passion in life is to assist individuals to do better in life and overcome barriers that have come their way. What rewards her the most is having someone who has dealt with drugs/ alcohol, mental health issues, learning disabilities or intellectually disable go through her programs and become very successful getting back into the employment world. Spending most of her career in this area has raised her attention that even with a disability, you just want to be accepted for who you are and not be looked at as an outsider.

All though it took her 10 years to get her degree, she really didn’t want to go to college because she knew she would never get paid the money she knew she was worth. As the owner of Paradise Iconic Travel, she gets to assist people in relaxing and enjoying life. Statistically, 54% of Americans do not use their vacation time, and she wants to be the one to change that. Traveling gets you away from the rat race to destress. Most people feel like they cannot afford a vacation. It is her job to show people there are ways to go on an affordable vacation, with the proper planning. As a Travel Agent you have to paint a picture to the client of how wonderful they are going to feel to enjoy the escape from the everyday norm. When it comes to travel, Venita has no limits on giving her clients the best vacations, and ones to remember.

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