Tasha McCray

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga., Tasha McCray is an author, entrepreneur, business strategist and speaker who has overcome many personal and professional challenges by exercising her faith, ambition and persistence. These qualities, along with her vision to set the bar for the virtual professional industry, help distinguish her as the best professional resource available for busy business professionals. Her vision motivated her to officially launch her first business, Honorable Mention Resources, LLC, in 2014.

Driven to improve the productivity and efficiency of entrepreneurs, Tasha takes pride in teaching others to bridge the gap between ideas and action while establishing lasting business relationships built on a foundation of value, quality work and trust.

Tasha leverages her natural work ethic and personal philosophy that there’s always room for improvement. She believes that there is always a better way to get things done, and demonstrates this by helping business owners reclaim their most valuable asset — time. Her strategies focus on maintaining quality while working smart and implementing efficient processes. Her experiences have taught her that life is full of ongoing lessons which can either elevate you or keep you stagnant, but you always have a choice. By applying this knowledge, Tasha has designed a workflow to increase productivity without sacrificing quality of service standards, which can be scaled to an individual or organizational level.

Tasha aims to positively impact the lives of others through acts of service such as giving back, volunteering and providing quality products and services throughout her journey to make a difference. With a decade of experience in corporate America, Tasha’s diverse career has taken her through the following industries: information technology (IT), human resources (HR), legal, real estate, transportation, consumer products, retail, and wholesale. Her experience across multiple sectors qualifies her to serve as a valuable resource to individuals, business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to save time and money by streamlining their daily operations.

Having been an avid reader since childhood with an extensive book collection, Tasha decided to take her love for reading, writing and business to the next level by officially launching her second business, Honorable Mention Publishing, LLC, in 2017. Her vision is to create a series of books that motivate others to take action and create a positive dialogue for entrepreneurs. So far, she has published three books and one planner. The best is yet to come.

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