Lynnette M. Jewell

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Lynnette M. Jewell, a native Washingtonian, was raised in Southern Maryland, right outside of Washington DC, and now resides in Charlotte, N.C. TV and radio have always been passions of hers. She took TV production training at CT 76 Television Station in Maryland, as well as TV Production at Access 21 Public Television in Charlotte. Lynnette received certificates in both training programs and now has a few TV shows under her belt, along with a diploma in Computerized Business Systems.

Lynnette M. Jewell was Director of Sales and Marketing for a magazine, and worked in procurement for a church, as well as in the role of Director of Procurement for the Computer Ministry. Lynnette M. Jewell loves people and community, and would say that educating and helping others is her passion. Lynnette M. Jewell has a background in sales, marketing, television production and advertising. Lynnette M. Jewell’s entrepreneurship skills and her love for politics and entertainment will be among her many focus points. Lynnette M. Jewell’s love for radio and broadcasting is what drove her to explore the radio industry, and she has learned from the best of the best over the years, leading her to sit in as a co-host on various talk shows.

Being on different panels and involved in various workshops has taught Lynnette M. Jewell the value of networking. Lynnette M. Jewell will be bringing her own unique and classy style to radio.

Lynnette’s mission in life is to make sure nobody’s voice is silent: She has a platform and your voice needs to be heard. Lynnette hopes to motivate folks and let them know that all dreams can come true – that no matter your situation or background, there’s always a way out, especially with the help of a mentor to help block out the naysayers. Lynnette M. Jewell wants people to understand that whatever decision you make, and whatever path you choose, the road toward your purpose can only be driven by you. Through prayer and supplication there’s nothing that can stop you. Lynnette M. Jewell wants people to walk away with an understanding of who they are, and to help them achieve their goals and believe in themselves.

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