Liv Nicole

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Liv Nicole was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. In high school, she studied vocal music and discovered her love for the performing arts. In college, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. However, after graduating she decided to pursue her dreams of being an actor and a spoken-word artist. She was very successful in the performance arts arena, however, like most artists, she was frustrated by the inconsistency of performance opportunities. She then decided to get a teaching job for stable income. As an educator, Liv loved teaching. She enjoyed encouraging her students to persevere through challenges and congratulating them on their victories. Yet over time, Liv became frustrated with the limitations and job politics that came with being an employee. She hated feeling like she had to sacrifice her creative side to “punch the clock.” Dissatisfied with her situation, she knew she had to make a change. In 2018, Liv created UNITY SPACES, a home cleaning and organizing company. In her company, she shows her clients how an orderly and peaceful space can lead to a peaceful life. Her business creates the consistent income she needs, along with the time flexibility to pursue her creative career as an actress and poet. Liv’s mission in life is to inspire people to choose joy and gratitude every day, and to encourage them to live their fullest and truest life.


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