CoWano Stanley

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CoWano Stanley is from El Dorado, AR, but she grew up in Minneapolis, MN. One of the most significant events in her life was the birth of her son.  At that time, she was around 20 years old. Her son is the reason behind her motivation, determination, and her push to be able to guide him in life. As a single parent, she was still able to complete 2 undergraduate degrees and 2 master’s degrees. Previously, CoWano worked in the field that one of her master’s is in: accounting. As an employee in that role, she went above and beyond to ensure her responsibilities were completed beyond expectations – even helping with duties that were not her responsibility – to get the job done for her department. As an employee, she always made sure that she was doing her very best.

As a business owner, CoWano is the self-published author of It’s Time to Live. She is currently in the process of starting her bookkeeping and commercial cleaning business. CoWano’s mission in life is to help inspire and encourage others so that they can accomplish any goal or dream they have. The sky’s the limit. No matter how long it takes, or the obstacles that you have to go through to get there, never give up, never let fear stop you, and always believe in yourself. Continue to pursue your dreams and goals, even if that means being your own boss. She maintained her mission of being a great employee and serving in that role, until it was no longer her time to be an employee. By becoming an entrepreneur, she has become what she always wanted to be; she can do what she loves and loves what she does. In CoWano’s eyes, nothing is impossible.


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