Charlene Baker

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Charlene Baker is originally from Chesapeake, Va., but has resided in the Metro Atlanta area for the past seven years with her husband Brian and two boys, Joshua and Caleb. In Virginia, Charlene earned her degree in Public Administration at James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with the hopes of working in a college/university setting as a Student Services Administrator.

Although she had the opportunity of working in a small college environment as a student services advisor for two years along with other jobs in customer service and sales, Charlene was always intrigued about entrepreneurship, and the thought of creating her own income doing something she loved. In 2009, she was introduced to affiliate and online marketing and absolutely fell in love with it! Being digitally surrounded by influencers who were earning top dollars from their laptops while making a positive impact was something that encouraged Charlene to pursue this venture … full-time.

Yet, the courage to take this leap did not show up until 2014, when her oldest son, at the age of 2, was given a long-term diagnosis that required ongoing therapy and consistent doctor visits. Her employer at the time would not allow her to continue working part-time to take Joshua to his weekly therapy visits.

Therefore, instead of going back to full-time, which was what her employer wanted, Charlene submitted her two-week resignation. At that moment, entrepreneurship was no longer an option. It became reality … a scary one! However, Charlene used the skills she’d honed over the years as a blogger and digital marketer to help advance the goals of small businesses and marketing agencies in their content-marketing strategy.

Through lots of long nights and short mornings, writing killer blogs and website copy for brands, and editing and publishing content for small and mid-sized businesses, Charlene is earning more as an entrepreneur than she did at her highest paying job in corporate America.

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that through personal and business development, you can only go up! Charlene’s goal now is to teach women entrepreneurs how to leverage the same blogging, e-mail and social media strategies she’s helped businesses use to elevate their brand online. By building her own brand, Busy Content Marketer, she hopes to help entrepreneurs like herself create their own income using content and online marketing.

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