Charisma DeZonie

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Charisma DeZonie was born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem, N.Y. As a single parent, she has had the awesome experience of raising two amazing children who are moving into being trailblazing young people themselves.

Charisma has a keen sense for community and people. This moved her to hone in on her knowledge and become a Human Services major, which led to a bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

With a firm background in non-profit, her career of being passionate about improving the lives of others while making an impact by offering contributions spans more than 25 years. Her goal has been to be an “agent of change.”

After years of service helping others indirectly, she decided to take a more direct approach and become an entrepreneur. Charisma has created several ventures that have impacted many, but her current role as a leader in the life insurance arena has brought her great joy. As the owner of her agency, she has found a role that allows her to have long-lasting relationships with individuals and families alike that have the most meaning.

She is also a self-published author. Her last book is titled Earning Simple: How Mastering Your Own Knowledge Allows You to Monetize Small Efforts to Create Great Wealth. This book falls directly in line with her mission, as the tools she offers readers gives insight into a practical look at what it takes to have a simple life on your own terms. Charisma shares how to take advantage of your knowledge and apply it to create a rich abundant life for yourself.

Charisma is not camera shy, either. She has also created, along with a co-collaborator, a show on social media called “Car Convo ~ real talk…ish”. She and her co-star share real life topics that are off-the-cuff discussions. This is unscripted awesomeness; she looks to talk about things that can get personal at times, because real people have real lives.

All in all, Charisma’s mission in life is to make an impact, as she feels that is a purposeful event worth working for. Through her works in business, whether it be insurance, writing or media, she wants to spread awareness to something we should all care about … and that’s each other.

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